Reporting Unethical

Your voice is the strength of FNS.

Message from Our Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the FNS Code of Ethics (“FNS Code”). FNS Code is in place to ensure that we conduct our business fairly, honestly, and ethically.
FNS Code is especially important because our entire business is built on the principles of trust. Our customers and partners entrust us with managing critical functions of their businesses. Earning their trust in our role earns value for our business. That is why it is essential that we hold ourselves to consistently high ethical and business standards in everything that we do. FNS Code paves the road for our company’s sustainable growth and maintain the trust we have worked so hard to earn among all of the stakeholders involved, including our customers, partners, coworkers, and employees. When all of you demonstrate the behaviors that live up to our standard and follow the Code outlined in this document, not only are you contributing to FNS’ reputation as a trusted partner and employer, but also makes us all proud to say, “This is the FNS way”.